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From: chip ster
Subject: Heath Files - 12The Heath Files
By chipsterLEGAL STUFF: If you're offended by stories with a sexual content, don't
read this. If you're under age, don't read this. If it's illegal to be
caught with this stuff where you live, don't read this. There are lots of
typos in this story. While the content is mostly fictional, the dialogue
actually happened. I'm putting it into the Archives just as I received
them.OTHER STORIES BY CHIPSTER IN THE NIFTY ARCHIVES:"Camp Clover For Boys" - Bisexual/Adult-Youth
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THE HEATH FILES - FILE #12Finally caught up with Heath on Sunday night, and we tried to finish our
last roll playing session.-------------------------
Sunday, February 9, 2003:
-------------------------chipperguy (08:13 PM) : Hi Heath!Heath (08:13 PM) : hichipperguy (08:14 PM) : I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be
out of town until Thursday, so I won't be able to chat with you while I'm
gone.chipperguy (08:14 PM) : I didn't want you to think I've disappeared or
anything like Preteen Ass that.Heath (08:14 PM) : oh. ok. i looked for u this weekend but Preteen Ass u werent on. okchipperguy (08:15 PM) : I just have a couple of minutes and noticed you
were on line, so I wanted to let you know..Heath (08:15 PM) : ok thankschipperguy (08:15 PM) : Wish we'd had time to finish the last chat...I was
really getting horny thinking about you in the pool with all those guys
after you!Heath (08:16 PM) : me too. ur the only one i talk to on here so i miss it
toochipperguy (08:16 PM) : I was going to have you get almost to the point of
cumming then send you into the private room with Chris and the guy's
son...have them finish you off in thereHeath (08:17 PM) : that would have been hot. i like it when its chris and
me its sorta like real almostchipperguy (08:17 PM) : I can just imagine seeing you going from the pool
to the private room with your cock pointing straight out and little
dribbles of pre-cum dropping to the floor as you ranHeath (08:17 PM) : ur gonna make it hard talking like thatchipperguy (08:18 PM) : Then being greeted with the sight of Chris with his
cock up the teenager's butt when you walked in the doorHeath (08:18 PM) : fuk. i would have busted a load probablychipperguy (08:18 PM) : Have you straddle the older kid's back facing Chris
and let him start sucking on you while he fucked the teenagerHeath (08:18 PM) : man its hot thinking about chris sucking me but mostly
when ur there though, that is the hottestchipperguy (08:18 PM) : Then have you shoot your load all over Chris's
chest and the kid's back while Chris dumps his cum into the teen's ass...Heath (08:19 PM) : ok you made me boned hehechipperguy (08:19 PM) : I'm the same way here, too, except I can't do
anything about it...chipperguy (08:19 PM) : Too many people in the house hereHeath (08:19 PM) : is ur family there? oh that sucks.Heath (08:19 PM) : dont walk around with a boner thenchipperguy (08:19 PM) : Everyone's in the other room, and I'm supposed to
join them in a couple of minutes...Heath (08:20 PM) : ok i understandchipperguy (08:20 PM) : I'm trying to Preteen Ass calm down, but I'm thinking of you
and your cock...hope you're able to get it out and jack off right now...Heath (08:20 PM) : hey. i know. just strip naked. walk in the room with
nothin but your boner and see what they all say? heheheheheHeath (08:20 PM) : it is out alreadychipperguy (08:21 PM) : Well, just think about having me standing there
watching you suck off Chris...chipperguy (08:21 PM) : Jacking myself offHeath (08:21 PM) : i bet you anything that if chris saw you with a boner he
would want to do stuff. any kid would seeing his dads boner.Heath (08:21 PM) : fuk yeh that makes me hot. having you standing there
watching me and chris do it fukchipperguy (08:21 PM) : I'm so close that when I cum I'm going to put it
all over both of your faces, and into your hair...chipperguy (08:22 PM) : I'd love to see both of your faces with little
dribbles of each other's cum on your chins! That would be so hot!Heath (08:22 PM) : yeh i like it when someone cums on me like that thats
hot. me shooting my cream all over chris and him shooting all over me and
you shooting all over both of Preteen Ass uschipperguy (08:23 PM) : I gotta ask...I know it's been two weeks since
you've gone with Jase, and I think you've done the right thing by not going
back, but do you miss it?Heath (08:23 PM) : yeh a lot. i really almost went over there yestereday
cuz i knew theyd all be there but i didntHeath (08:23 PM) : but i wanted tochipperguy (08:24 PM) : I'm glad you didn't. I just hate the thought of
someone putting you in pain for their sexual gratification.Heath (08:24 PM) : i know but i liked it in some way. i know its weird but
i did anyway. it sucks just strokin off alone all the time.chipperguy (08:24 PM) : I really do hope you find someone to be a good sex
partnerchipperguy (08:25 PM) : He's out there just have to keep
looking!Heath (08:25 PM) : i'll never meet anyone i dont think. this guy from
school was here yesterday trading some ps2 games with me and i wanted to
get him goin but i couldnt. i thot he would beat me up if he thot i was
into dudeschipperguy (08:26 PM) : Yes you may take some time, but you will.chipperguy (08:26 PM) : It's a shame you and Jase can't keep meeting
together without going over to the dude's house...Heath (08:26 PM) : all he talked about was girls so i had to pretend thats
what i was into too. yeh i guess. at least i can still fantasize and stroke
off to itHeath (08:27 PM) : he said if i wanted to come back over there with him
thatd be cool but if not he was too busy to be around so i guess unless i
go back i wont see him muchchipperguy (08:27 PM) : That's too bad...maybe you two can work something
out sooner or later...chipperguy (08:27 PM) : I still hold out hope!Heath (08:27 PM) : yeh maybechipperguy (08:27 PM) : Gotta run...catch up with you when I get back on
line Thursday!Heath (08:27 PM) : ok bye. i love you. byechipperguy (08:28 PM) : Love you, too! Bye for now!Message was sent. User is Offline.
The message will be delivered when user goes Online.So, there's another guy in Heath's life now! Preteen Ass A neighbor boy who he's
swapping PS2 games with. Maybe we could find a way to get them together and
get something started between them! I really regretted that I had to leave
town for a few days on business. I couldn't wait to get back!

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